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My love for turquoise began with a goal - to get Mom through her chemotherapy treatment for triple-negative breast cancer. As we settled into that infusion room for another long day, her exact words were "I just need a little something to look forward to".


We planned a trip to a place we'd never been, but one that would be easy to cancel in case she wasn't up for it - and found ourselves in the tiny town of Truth or Consequences, NM (T or C to the locals).


Long story short, 2023 marks our 16th annual trip (thank you COVID we had to miss a year!), and we still go on the same weekend every year; though we've expanded our crew to include my best friend from childhood and her Mom, too! If you stopped to Google, you already know there's not a heck of a lot to do in T or C, which is why we love it so, but we did manage to find ourselves head over heels in love with turquoise! 

When the amount became too obscene to claim as merely souvenirs, I started a business. Every piece is an authentic, handmade, Native American work-of-art. and I'm so proud to introduce the uninitiated to my passion and to shop for new treasures for those that have already started their collection.

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